Air and Power Supply Systems

We have developed various pieces of equipment for air and power supply management to keep vehicles involved in time-critical jobs operational at any time.

To ensure a long service life, only the highest quality industrial design is used in our Spidy roller systems:

  • for approximately 30,000 handlings
  • safe and tidy fire stations
  • can be mounted on ceilings and walls
  • adjustable stopping mechanism

Maintenance unit for air supply
In the case of vehicles with an air connection, the maintenance unit ensures that no foreign particles or water get into the plug-in connection and/or the vehicle's tank through the special cable. You install it upstream of the Spidy AIRROLLER.

Spidy combined air socket and plug
Using this plug-in connection, you can charge and monitor the battery in the vehicle.
​​​​​​​Each of the plug-in connections has six contacts and one air pipe. The maximum pressure is 10 bar with the maximum voltage being 24 V.

Multifunctional system

Using our multifunctional system, you can connect the air supply, electricity in the voltage range up to 400 V, and data lines of your vehicles to the infrastructure in the vehicle hall. Thanks to the self-releasing connector and socket device, trigged when the vehicle starts, there is one less source of errors at call-outs.

The multifunction socket and the associated plug are available with cable lengths of 5, 7 and 10 metres. The system is connected to a distribution box in which the air, electricity and the data connection are transferred.


Multifunction Socket and Plug: Air, electricity and data line in one system. Internal contacts: greater safety at up to 400 V


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