Checkbox and Euro-box

The respiratory monitoring systems Checkbox and EUROBOX provide safety through the electronic registration device for operatives wearing respiratory devices during a deployment. The EUROBOX models work with name plates, known as tallies, while the Checkbox models use transponders that uniquely identify the operative wearing a respiratory device.

With the help of our systems, two (EUROBOX) to 32 teams (Checkbox 20) can be monitored simultaneously.

Our EUROBOX and Checkbox models were developed in close cooperation with fire brigades and are based on their actual operative requirements.

Checkbox 5+1

Deployments with respiratory devices should be made less risky: Industrieelektronik Pölz respiratory monitoring is suitable for deployments in tunnels, fires,  for radiation protection, with hazardous materials, for diving, etc.” 

Variable changes in the deployment time 

The actual deployment time for each individual team is calculated using pressure adjustment during the deployment.

Elapsed deployment time is displayed differently depending on the unit, with optical and/or acoustic signals showing the expiry of the deployment time.

EUROBOX Nürnberg, EUROBOX Mannheim, EUROBOX München, EUROBOX Berlin

Checkbox 20

The latest respiratorymonitoring system Checkbox 20 is even

more efficient

  • more memory
  • up to 32 teams can now be registered simultaneously
  • up to 64 people can be assigned per team
  • assignment of respiratory devices and masks to operatives wearing a breathing apparatus
  • switch-on time in standby mode < 0.5 sec


  • colour display with higher resolution and automatic brightness adjustment
  • important information is highlighted with coloured light bars
  • acoustic voice output via Bluetooth
  • additional overview of the deployment with transmission to a mobile device or PC
  • enhanced reporting and logging

more versatile

  • more languages (e.g., Arabic, Chinese,...)
  • contactless charging also in the vehicle
  • power supply via powerbank or other USB devices
  • pocket with swivel joint for easier use
  • new transponders are compatible with previous versions
  • simple firmware update via USB stick


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