Company History and Philosophy

Your safety is our mission
All our products are developed in-house, with and for the emergency services. Our main focus is to increase safety for emergency services personnel while also making handling as simple as possible so that sources of error are minimised in the event of an emergency. This contributes both to protecting emergency services personnel and also making their work easier. More than 15,000 emergency vehicles and boats, as well as thousands of plug-in connections for air and electricity, are already connected to Industrieelektronik Pölz systems, with the emergency services more than satisfied. The reliability of our products means that the emergency services are ready for action in seconds.

Deployed all over Europe
Our products have been successfully deployed in Austria, Germany, Luxembourg, Slovakia, Slovenia, Italy and Switzerland, among other countries. To ensure that we serve our clients as efficiently as possible, we work closely with our partners throughout Europe.

The Company
Industrieelektronik Pölz – IEP Pölz for short – has been active on the market for more than 35 years. Since the company was established, our passion has been the development of application-specific products for emergency services such as the fire brigade, but also for rescue services, hospitals and the police.

The Philosophy
Our company was founded by Herbert Pölz in 1986, with its headquarters in Ried im Traunkreis (Upper Austria). From the very start, partnership-like collaborations with our clients allowed us to develop products that are oriented toward the real-life working conditions of emergency services and therefore make a significant contribution to their safety as well as reducing their workload.

Over the past four decades, this philosophy, which persists to this day, has allowed us to establish ourselves and set us apart from other providers, particularly in the areas of respiratory monitoring, energy consumption management, battery testing and charging systems, as well as air and power supply systems.

Herbert Pölz, Martina Pölz and Markus Pölz


Recyclable materials
For our products, we use polymer thermoplastics that are resistant to temperature and splashing water. In contrast to environmentally harmful plastics, such as thermosetting plastics, these can be recycled. In doing so, we aim to design our products to be both as robust and also as environmentally friendly as possible.   

Short transport routes
The majority of our products are both produced and manufactured in Upper Austria. When manufacturing our battery testing and charging system products, we partially rely on partners in Austria's neighbouring country of Hungary. This makes it possible to keep our transport routes short.   

Reduction of packaging waste
When packaging our products for shipment, we avoid the use of plastic as much as possible.


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