Battery Testing and Charging Systems

Depending on the result of the check, our battery testing and charging systems respond in different ways. The system pulses more or less charge, is switched off, or – if an error is detected – issues an audible and visual alarm. We have a high success rate in the detection of defective batteries.

By means of a potential-free alarm output, the error message can either be forwarded to our Industrieelektronik Pölz space monitoring display, BUS systems, pagers or an alarm system at the headquarters.

Series "BTL" devices are fully automatic processor-controlled battery testing and charging systems with integrated space monitoring.

They control various parameters at 50 millisecond intervals:

  • the battery's vehicle voltage
  • whether the battery is fully or partially charged
  • whether one of the connected batteries is defective
  • whether the contacts of the plug-in connections are OK (to minimise fire risks)
  • whether a 12 V/24 V vehicle is connected (automatic switching)

Our battery testing and charging systems offer the following advantages:

  • charging the vehicle batteries and their connected auxiliary equipment
  • gentle charging process extends the battery service life
  • four-wire system: 2 × measuring and 2 × charging
  • suitable for continuous charging
  • robust housing
  • short circuit proof and protected against polarity reversal
  • can also be used for special vehicles with processor-controlled equipment such as ABS, automatic transmissions, etc.
  • <2 V button for deeply discharged batteries
  • charging cable lengths of max. 50 m 4×2.5 mm2
  • can be used for external or internal charging
BTL Powersingle 16 A or 25 A for one vehicle and BTL 2016 battery testing and charging system for up to four vehicles.

BTL Space monitoring display

  • Up to 12 vehicles/parking spaces
  • Clear LED display
  • Robust housing

Even more safety due to temperature monitoring

A sensor measures the temperature directly at the vehicle battery. In conjunction with a battery fuse at the positive terminal, this sensor can protect your infrastructure. The smart battery testing and charging system not only shows the measured temperature on the display, but also adapts the charging process to the temperature. If the battery overheats due to an error, the system cuts off the power supply and reports an error.


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